Parish Information


Registration is preferred in person at the Rectory Office, between 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Thursday.  Please see Nancy, Parish Secretary.  If this is not possible, call Nancy at 201-436-0857, Ext. 110.

Formal registration with your parish is a requirement if you wish to be a godparent or a sponsor for Confirmation.  Parents who wish to have their child Baptized must be registered parish members.

Change of address or telephone number should be reported to the Rectory Office immediately.

Ministry to the Sick or Homebound

Please call the Rectory Office if you are homebound or hospitalized and you wish to receive Sacraments.


If you are in need of prayers and wish to have your name mentioned in the Prayer of the Faithful at Sunday Mass  and/or our Bulletin prayer list, please call Nancy at the Rectory Office.

Bulletin Deadline

All copy must be submitted, in writing (email is fine), to Nancy at the Rectory Office NO LATER THAN MONDAY at 10 AM, prior to the weekend it is to appear.  Note that all copy is subject to edit and approval.  Also note that copy submission deadline is subject to change.

Parish Center Rental

Our Parish Center (28th Street, behind the Church) is available for rental for private, religious related celebrations only as per new Archdiocesan guidelines.  If you are interested, call Nancy at the Rectory Office, 201-436-0857, Ext. 110, 9 AM – 3 PM, Monday through Thursday, for availability and more information.

Parish School

We are part of an excellent co-sponsored Elementary school – All Saints Catholic Academy.  For more information, call 201-443-8384 or visit their website,