Parish Giving

Saint Henry Parish has enlisted Parish Giving to provide its members with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer as an alternative method for giving.

Parish Giving is being offered to you free of charge.  At the same time, Saint Henry Parish will benefit from a reliable, more efficient and more convenient means to process the contributions that make it possible to support its mission.

On this giving site, you will be able to select from the various opportunities to contribute to our parish and other initiatives. All contributions are processed once a week. Following is an overview of some of the features:

  • Ability to make recurring contributions
  • Ability to contribute to multiple collections
  • Ability to select your billing date
  • Ability to use Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Once again, Welcome to the Saint Henry Parish Parish Giving.

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For those who are using Parish Giving and no longer receive offering envelopes, the following is a list of Second Collections for 2022:

February 2                    Parish Assessment
February 19                  European Relief
March 5                          Parish Assessment
March 19                        Catholic Relief (Black & Indian Collection)
April 2                             Parish Assessment
April 7                              Holy Land
April 9                              Easter
May 7                               Catholic Home Missions
May 14                             Parish Assessment
May 18                             Ascension
June 4                              Parish Assessment
June 11                             Maintenance & Repair
June 18                            Peter’s Pence
July 2                                Parish Assessment
July 23                              Archdiocesan Retired Priests
August 6                           Parish Assessment
August 15                         Assumption
August 20                         Church in Africa Collection
September 3                    Parish Assessment
September 10                  Catholic University
October 1                           Parish Assessment
October 22                        Mission Sunday
November 1                      All Saints
November 2                      All Souls
November 5                      Parish Assessment
November 23                    Thanksgiving
December 3                       Parish Assessment
December 8                       Immaculate Conception
December 10                     Retirement Fund for Religious
December 25                     Christmas